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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wrought Iron Spiral Stair Case in Charleston SC


We just completed this project. We are still doing some punch out work, but for the most part it's finished. We have to get a professional photographer to document our work, but since were soooo exited about how awesome this room looks, here are some iPhone pics ^_^

930 - NOMO Student Housing in Charleston, SC
you can check them out at:
NOMO Student Housing - Wrought Iron Spiral Stair Case Spiral Stair Case 

Iron Cable Railings
Cable Railings

This project was lead by CW Construction, and I must say it's a college student's DREAM place to live. So many things to do, great views and cool iron railings to admire (that's important, right?). This wrought iron stair was fabricated, shiped and installed by us, the Decorative Iron team. It was not an easy task, but great results. The iron railings really help with the modern feel to this hip atmosphere CW and it's wonderful designers created. We are very happy to be included in this project. 

Although we don't have these specific cable rails on our website, our future customers can definitely ask about it and we can fabricate for them. As far as the cable rails, we would manufacture the frame to it, and send the package with the cables and hardware. It's really easy to install, believe it or not. 

Let us know what you think! we appreciate any feedback. Soon we will have better professional looking pictures for your enjoyment. We also fabricated and installed all the balconies, railings, canopies and garage screens for this project. Stay tuned!
7049210018 Office  

Friday, August 28, 2015

How to touch up your Wrought Iron Railing (stop rust before it takes over!)

The elements such as rain, wind, and snow can be rough to wrought iron products. Even if we powder coat the items, they are not 100% safe, specifically near a coast where salt water is the biggest killer. If you are like most, Galvanizing sounds nice but way too expensive! Below is the process that we use when we punch out units, turn them over, or go back to retouch when it's in warranty.

Small/Medium Rusts Spots
When this happens, we have to attach the problem ASAP. Rust spreads and doesn't stop. 
First: Clean the railing thoroughly. 
Dust buildups in the crevices of the balcony practically invite rust, as water settles in the crevices as well, they both act as a rust heaven. I would use soap and water, if you feel the need you can put a de-greaser as well. 

Second: sand the rust lightly. This step depends on the gravity of the rust. If there is significant damage, this step should not be left out. If the spots are really deep and hard to get, you might want to invest in a wire brush such as this: 
Hyde 8-3/4 in. Maxxgrip Pro High-Carbon Steel Wire Brush
available at
Third: Prime the spots with a Rustoleum primer. Try to get a prime that resembles the balconies color, it just makes it easier when actually painting. 
Rust-Oleum Stops Rust 12 oz. Clean Metal Primer Spray (6-Pack)-DISCONTINUED
Found at

Fourth: Wait until the primer dries and apply the final paint.
Hopefully you are able to find a matching spray can to paint over. We love Rustoleum products, they are specifically for rust and touch ups. If the color just doesn't work, the next step is to get it matched at your local paint shop. 
Rust-Oleum 12 oz. Stops Rust Flat Black Spray (6-Pack)-DISCONTINUED
found at

Side Note: Ordering the paint can be daunting. Bring a little sample of the paint, maybe scrape off a bit of paint from the rail. Make sure you explain that it is for metal, and if you know that the railing was powder coated, make sure to include that.
Painting a rail with paint that is close but not 100% there is a bit difficult. I've learned to thin the paint with a little bit of water and use a paint brush. Apply to the area, make sure its covered. After diffuse the paint with the brush so it slowly blends in. 

You should have now a new and improved iron product. Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions about the processes and if you need some product info. 

Lastly, if the railing has significant rust all over, that's another process, we recommend sand blasting and completely re-powder coating. That info will be in another post.

Good Luck!

Decorative Iron 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fort Adams

Fort Adams Newport

Decorative Iron of NC, Inc. has recently had the privilege to work, in a special project that has been part of the American History, The Fort Adams, in Newport, Rhode Island.

We worked several months, to get this project rolling. Mr. Shaun from Gibson Technologies  ,was our contact person for this project, which by the way was a pleasure to work with. He presented a sketch with an original design and for a couple of reason it wasn’t able to work out. The design began as a mix of our ring band and Fleur de leis at the end of each baluster. With the course of months, we made several changes including material and finish. Mr. Shaun and Decorative Iron of NC Inc. , did not stop working until everything was worked out to provide the best railings possible. For several months we worked with our engineer and drafting department until he got a design approved and we got the go ahead to start on fabrication.

Our final design was an incorporation of our Standard Railing and Mr. Shaun specifications. Indeed we are a custom company, and we enjoyed every step of the way to conclude the project, from drafting to fabrication.

Every project is very important; we strive to make everything work efficiently, as we know most construction trades relay on a time frames. It wasn’t any different for this project. It was very important that the railing be there on a specific Monday, and it was a Friday, we were aware that our carrier had several stops before our delivery was made and that there was a possibility it that it could be deliver until Tuesday morning. We didn’t want to run any chances on the shipment being late, it was late Friday and we had to do something quick. Knowing we didn’t have another scheduled carrier our decision was crucial, let our original carrier take it and run the change of being late a day? or think quick and fix it asap. Our CEO took matter into his own hands and we made several calls found a small truck for rent, about an hour away, half of our team was gone for the day and no one else available to take the shipping directly, the CEO and his wife drove for two days straight and delivered Monday morning. Mistakes and delays happen but rest assure that if there is a way of efficiently correcting or working through it Decorative Iron will show our costumers its made out steel.

Fun Facts
 Fort Adams was established on July 4, 1799 as a First System coastal fortification. Its first commander was Captain John Henry who was later instrumental in starting the War of 1812.Fort Adams was designed by Major Louis de Tousard of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Before being deeded to the State of Rhode Island in 1965, Fort Adams had served the U.S. Navy for ten years and the U.S. Army for more than a century. Since its acquisition by the state it has made national history in the entertainment field of Jazz and Folk festivals and as a base for Newport sailing. More recently it has come into its own as a repository and expository of military history. By arrangement with the state, the Fort Adams Foundation has been at work restoring the fort for decades, but only recently has the sheer magnitude of the importance of this landmark in its field of fortification truly been revealed.

Today the park offers a wide range of activities including salt water bathing, fishing, boating, soccer, rugby, and picnicking. Fort Adams is perhaps best known for its annual summer concerts when the Jazz Festival and the Folk Festival draw thousands to enjoy the music and beautiful surroundings.
You can also take guided tours of this National Historic Landmark from the top of the rampart walls to the depths of the underground tunnels and experience Hands on, jump off, crawl through America’s stories, military history and amazing architecture. Learn where officers and their families lived. Experience over 180 years of American History, military culture, architecture & engineering.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Projects Currently Working On.

Once you find out what you do best, why not try achieve grater?
  Commercial Projects Currently working hard on., Greenville, SC

Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Staircases, Structural and Miscellaneous steel .

Crescent Dilworth Apartments, Charlotte, NC

Balfour Beatty Construction.
Staircases, Structural and Miscellaneous steel .

Circle at South Park, Charlotte, NC

Balcony Railings, Railings, Staircases and Structural  and Miscellaneous steel.

Circle at South Park, Charlotte NC

Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Balcony Railings, Railings, Staircases and Miscellaneous steel.

Link Apartments at South park, Charlotte, NC
Balcony Railings Railings and Fencing.

Summit at Church Apartments, Charlotte NC
Samet Corp.
Balcony railings and Garage Screens.

Samet Corp.
Camden Southline — Charlotte NC
Balcony railings, Reduced Height Balconies ,Gates Patio Rails and Garage Mesh Panels.


We offer special pricing for qualified builders in all our lines.


Get a quote within 3 business days and sometimes on the spot.
We bid larger projects for multifamily dwellings across the nation.

We deliver:
Steel Embeds
Steel columns ready to be mounted.
Steel canopies
Ornamental Trellises and Screens.
Pipe bollards
Corner guards for garage projects
Support angles
Steel balconies, railings and gates.
Steel staircases bundles ready for installation
Custom steel fabrications.

Canopies, railings, gates, balconies, trellises, pergolas, etc.

Depending on the size job we can handle installation on any state of the union.

We provide design and auto-cad drawings for every project

From all of us at Decorative Iron of NC a Big Thank you to all are costumers. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Switzerland Wrought Iron Railings

One of our employees received a scholarship to visit Zurich, Switzerland and some of their biggest companies. Of course we asked her to take pictures of some iron railings along the way, and these are some of the pictures she brought back:
This is the actual place:

She said wrought iron is the norm, very few wood balconies can be found. We love how spectacular some of them are, specially the one painted in Gold. Others are simple yet efficient, like the last picture. The iron railing painted in gold looks a lot like our design that you can find here called: Flower Scroll balcony. We love to get ideas from past work or new ideas from future customers in new styles of wrought iron balconies. We are a manufacturing facility, we can make any custom made wrought iron piece. If any of these Swiss railings inspire you, or if you have another design in mind, don't hesitate and give us a call!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Iron railings at 300 West Tremont Amartments Charlotte

We are proud to have completed our part at 300 West Tremont Apartments, now called Three30Five. Charlotte is growing so much and these apartments are just one of the examples of the growth. You can find info and floor plans at

We were subcontracted for the misc steel, including Pergolas, some iron railings and the beautiful cable railings located in the main entrance. Pictures of our iron work are below:

Tell us what you think! We would love to hear from you. Interested in having one of these Pergolas or Stair rails in your next project? contact our estimation team and we can work on a bid right away. 
or visit our Builders page for more details:

Thank you!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Wow! what a great half year so far, so much improvement and new projects!  
We're currently working on another great Project, which opened June 29


We are really grateful that Mirabeau has chosen us as their Ornamental Railing and Ornamental Columns fabricator
Mirabeau choose a spectacular design the Ornamental Portuguese.
Custom Ornamental Portuguese Wrought Iron is an elegant statement of great taste.  Each decorative wrought iron rail and balcony is handcrafted to your desired look and then finished with three coats of paint to make an individual design statement for your property.  Our skilled craftsmen can design and shape handrails, columns, balconies and any wrought iron product to fit your exact needs.



Crated For Shipment




Breaking Ground


Main Entrance The Opening June 29 2014

                           Cocktails and Appetizers’ on the curved Terrace overlooking Ornamental Columns and Railing from
                                                                Decorative Iron of NC, INC

With over 10 years experience, delivering Nationwide, Decorative Iron of NC, INC produces a complete range of stairs, railings/balustrades/handrails, accessories etc. Products that could be customized according to the client’s likes and requirements.

We offer special pricing for qualified builders in all our lines.

Get a quote within 3 business days and sometimes on the spot.

We bid larger projects for multifamily dwellings across the nation.