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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Flower Scroll Balcony

Flower Scroll Balcony

There are many different types of balconies such include wrought iron balconies that are built with a platform usually extending from a wall of a particular building.

Note that a balcony is a combination of a platform and a railing together.  

Wrought Iron railings are durable and attractive types of rail. These railings are designed for stairs, porches, balconies, and patios. Some may have very simple designs, while others contain scroll patterns and various other wrought iron accents. The railings could be straight, twisted, or curved. These railings may also vary in height and are available in a variety of standard lengths.

A Flower Scroll Balcony is a good example of the many different types of wrought iron balconies we have at

A Flower scroll balcony gives and outstanding look to the exterior of you home and or office: it is built with thick forged scroll  and custom platforms. I personally love the flower scroll balcony for interior balconies because you can also customize the rails; my idea would be wooden handrails with a dark finish.

Deciron of NC Inc. has variety of patterns standard and customize, offered in rectangular or curved with or without platforms. (  you are planning to put weigh or stand on your wrought iron balcony, then you need...   A bearing platform (“A True Balcony”) They come in 80, 67, 55 and 42 inches wide.

Hera at Deciron we try to make everything uncomplicated that even installation is easy; a max of 2 men would be required for installation. No welding is necessary.

Upon request we can design and quote any size balcony color included.

Any Questions or Concerns Contact us 1-877-803-2282 

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