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Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing a NEW design! Plain Picket Half Moon

Introducing a NEw design for our production. Our Plain picket balcony and railing had been very popular with our customers. It's simple modern design and great price made the plain picket on of our best sellers. Now we have changed the design just a bit and made it curve.

The new Plain Picket Half moon balcony is all the way curved, available with and without platform. We can paint it in all the colors of RAL. This design will be added to our website soon, because it's gaining popularity. If you would like to order this now, give us a call or shoot us an email and we can get this started.


Another design that we have made into a Half Moon, is the iron dove queen. The iron dove queen has also been very popular with our customers. Taking this further step to make it completely curved, is an innovative step with these balconies. We are starting a Half moon line soon, and these two balconies are our first ones. I believe it gives it a more elegant modern look.

We would apresiate your feedback on this new look and design. It is just starting, and we would love to know what the reviews are. You can send us an email to, or you can go to our website at and fill out a contact us. Also, you can just leave a message on this thread.

Thank you so much! and I hope you liked these new designs.

Deciron Family

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