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Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Update

Good Afternoon Bloggers!!

I am writing you today just to remind you of our awesome products, like our: railings, balconies, stair cases and more. Winter time is usally slow construction time for most companies. We just wanted to thanks our Nationwide customers for keeping us busy. We have gotten many orders from this year. Maybe because, atlease here in Charlotte, the winter is very very mild. Sometimes I forget to wear a sweater. Weather you are decorating your home, remodeling, or repairing your home please take a look at our products. They are fully insured, so if something happens with the shipment, you can have peace of mind that we got that taken care off! your iron raillings, balconies, stairs, flower pots, or any product you ordered is going to be replaced and you wont loose a penny! That never happens though. FedEx is really good at delivering our products =)

I will post some of my favorite products on this blogg today.
Here we have the good ol' standard iron railing. For such an affordable price you can spice up your front of back entrance. Making it sophisticated and safe for your family and friends. This "standard picket iron railing can be made customized to your likings. For example, you can take off the lambs tongue, add a pinaple ball cap, and make the posts 2"wide instead of 1.5. Our team can definitely help you with any design you have in mind. For any custom job we will create shop drawings and only start fabricating them when you approve them.

One of my favorite spiral stair cases. We attached our fabricated spiral stair case to this deck, it has a gate for security on top and the spindles have the "S" scroll. I think it gives it a modern edgy look to the backyard. Maybe later on they can do the rails on top to match with the spiral stair case. That would look awesome!!

I will post up more projects up soon. Hope you liked these too. To see more work available ready to order, visit our website or call us toll free: 1877-803-2282


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