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Friday, April 13, 2012

NEW! The Anita Stair Case

Hello Bloggers!

Here at Decorative Iron we LOVE to design a new product. Sometimes our engineer, drafter or designers come up with new designs, but sometimes we have a job that has to be custom made, and we love the ending product so much we have to share it to the world! we will be adding this design to our website, as an example. Our customer wanted a stair case that was not completely spiral and square, she had certain specs to guide us through. She worked with us to formulate their perfect stair case. The process took about two months, because we added some stones to add a special touches.

Take a look at some picturesm this stair case lead to her backyard/pool:

Our customers love their stair case. We thank them for letting us share it on here. If you would like a quote on any wrought iron product for your home, please let us know. We are always happy to work with your ideas, and make great wrought iron products for you. Visit us at or call us toll free at #1877-803-2282

Thanks for viewing!

Decorative Iron of NC Inc.

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