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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Deciron update on balcony iron railing size


Hey everyone, here at Decorative Iron we have revised some of our standard measurements. We have changed ONE of our standard sizes from 52" wide to 55" wide. It is a slight difference but we are confident that it will improve the look of your balcony.

Our stylish swan balcony
Zoomed up view of our swan balcony

      click on the images to zoom 

As shown on the sketch above with the red measurements. The width of the balcony is changing. However the height of it remains the same. 35" is the standard height code for balconies, unless you are in California which then it is a standard of  42". Our other sizes remain the same: 42" 67" and 80". Our wrought iron railings also stay the same so far, but we are always looking to improve our product to give our customers the best possible product in the market at an always low  price. We are currently changing this size on our website, it will be completed very soon.

If anyone has a question about this change please let us know. Also, custom sizes are ALWAYS available, just in case some one needs something bigger or smaller than our standard sizes.

Thank you for reading! until next time.

Priscilla Sanchez
Decorative Iron

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