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Friday, May 31, 2013

Chat Boxes?

Hey Everyone!

As my our last post stated, we have a new website! yay!
Today we decided to add a - Chat feature - to It basically let's any customer talk to one of us if they have a question about or website or a product. We think is preety neat, what do you think?

The first few hours that i started we had already helped two of our customers. We know that ordering iron railings is not something you do everyday when you are on the web, that's why we thought  having a person ready to help you would be really nice. Anytime the chat box pops us, it's because we are ready to help :)

Since we have customers throughout the United States, our timezones differ. We are still trying to figure out how we are going to do that; for now our chat box says "leave a message" and that way they can shoot us an email if they have any questions. Maybe in the future we can have representatives that stay later on than usual to help those customers, let's see.

We appreciate any feedback you would have, it helps us grow as a company.

Have a great weekend everyone!


I love that little hand that pops up!

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