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Thursday, June 13, 2013

4 ft deep balcony project

Hey everyone!

Today in the blog I want to show you guys another 4ft deep balcony project. Our customer was nice enough to send us pictures of the completed balcony.

Here are the pics:

These wrought iron balconies fit comfortably two chairs and a table. They are also very easy to install, not like other types. You do not need to tare down any walls or bricks, we have engineered a system so that you can just drill it into the wall. If you are interested in how it works, let us know, we will send you plans and let you know exactly what you will need to install this beautiful iron balcony.

more info on this is at:
specific link:

Did you guys like the knuckle balcony? What other styles would you like to see in this bigger version of our balconies? I personally would like to see a Goose Balcony as a 4ft deep balcony.

Comment bellow if you have any questions, or please contact us at:
or 704-921-0018

Thank you!


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