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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Behind The Scene "Creation"

Behind The Scene

Driving through Uptown Charlotte NC, I happen to stop at a few red lights. Everyone seemed to be in their own world, coming or going to work; it was only 3 pm.Everything seemed quite impeccable, gorgeous water fountains, great architectural buildings, needless to say even the landscaping was great. As I approached a light I seem to notice a tall beige building with beautiful windows complementing exceptional balconies. I wondered how something so particularly basic can add tremendous perspective to a building. The balconies were so neat but just by glancing at them I could tell they were made great details and incredible hard work.

So who is making them, could it be Multi Million Dollar Company?                                                                            
Did some simple research and found that the company is based here in Charlotte NC Decorative Iron of NC and was founded in Florida in 2005 in by Pedro Sanchez native from Ecuador and Loren Sanchez. Along their side Priscilla Sanchez (Administration). All three play a big role within the company’s vital needs. From bidding, accounts payable to even answering phone calls. Any business owner would know how hard is to run a prosper business.  

My personal view of all of them would be admiration on how humble they are. They are a real true story on how fighting for your dreams can turn out Great.
“We want everyone to grow with us not only for good use of our company but for their personal well being” – Pedro (CEO)

But who puts the welding gloves and start from scratch on every iron balcony, iron stairs, iron railing or iron gates?

Some one that is really a good leader Like Bonifacio Rodriguez the shop manager or Santiago who was been with the company since the start, both very kind and passionate about their work.  Luis Vargas, Pascual Gonzales, Edwin Serrano and John Wesley are all a great resource to such a wonderful company who has had tough times but has learned to overcome any obstacle and fulfill their dreams.

 It takes team players to run such a company who focuses on customizing and a lot of details. In other words their tough like Iron Balconies.

The shop also has the privilege to have under their wings. Joshua L Medina (Estimating) Daniel G. Uribe (Drafter), Jonathan Medina (sales). All a very young team, which also speaks great for the company giving our new generation an opportunity to work and prosper and get good experience

These are the people making our city look and feel beautiful.

Yes were neither New York with enormous buildings nor Florida with spectacular beaches we are Charlotte with extraordinary Balconies.

 Hopefully Decorative Iron can expand throughout the USA and give every building around every corner great custom architectural iron balcony, stairs, railing or gates.

I invite you to take a look at their website- ,check out their work ,their costumer service and their passion for Ornamental Iron.

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