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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome Bloggers!

This will be the Inside scoop of Decorative Iron Inc. a family-owned welding shop in
Charlotte, NC.

Our Company works with many customers around the United States, ranging from the
West Coast of Cali to Rhodes Island, and all the way to Alaska. Most of our customers want to
now more about how we work and meet us. Therefore, I figured we should do a Blog to show our
customers and future customers.

First let me show you an example of what we do. This is a Balcony made of Wrought iron parts,
that we have welded to look like this. Our name for it is Light Iron Dove.

Our standard color is Black, however we offer a wide variety of colors.
This particular customer decided she wanted her balcony to be white, to match her decor.

Light Iron Dove Balcony (White)

We have many different sizes for your different needs. All you need to do is
measure and pick your size. On our website we have step by step instructions in how to
measure and install. However, we are always available by phone too.

To see more designs visit our website
Also, we have an online store, if you prefer eBay, we are there too!

Any questions or comments, please let us know.

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