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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spiral Stair Cases

Recently at Deciron we have started to design and make many more Spiral Stair Cases. In this post I will put some examples, and also you can see them at We put much pride into these designs. They are sturdy and beautiful at the same time, which is the perfect combination when getting your own spiral stair case. These wrought Iron spiral stair cases come in custom design as well as standard ones.

We do not sell spiral stair cases kits, because they are so flimsy and unreliable. To make your home have a greater unique look, either inside or out, our spiral stair cases are the best.

Here is an example:

This image is also in and there are more examples of spiral stair cases in that website. The Spiral Stairs gave such elegance to the back yard of this home. It was installed in less that two hours.  At the top of the stairs it had a Small railing door that make the spiral stair case secure from small kids trying to go down the stairs to fast, or without help.

This is another example found in our website It is a slight different design, and also a different color. We have custom color available, white is a very common custom color. It gives the railing a more pure look, for people with decorative ideas for their back yard. We can spice up your spiral stair cases
and give your house a new look.

To get a quote on getting one of these beautiful spiral stair cases, you can just contact us by email or phone.

phone: toll free 1-877-803-2282

Main Line: 704-921-0018
Sales Line: 704-921-7575

A link to our contact us is

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