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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wrought Iron Fashion

Hi Bloggers,

We just did a cute local project here in charlotte and wanted to share. The place is called "Fresh Boutique". Usually my boss/dad takes me to construction jobs such as half made homes and businesses, so this was awesomly different. This show sells cute clothes! the neighborhood had some brake in scares, so they hired us to make a wrough iron custom made rail that goes behind the bay window they have.

Here are some pics.
Outside view first. It's super cute! The railings are actually in the inside. 

 They are cute pannels that form like a door, with very nice decorative patterns to make wrought iron very instyle! hehe.

Heres a closer view  of the detail --->

 As you can see, the panels open and close. For a secute chiq look. We also made matching door rails to complete the style. And below you see both of the railings together.
 You cant really see the railing from outside unless you look closer in the bay window. None the less, this has been one of my favorite jobs we've had. And i also got to look at some cute clothes after I took the pics.

Decorative Iron also sells these wrought iron pieces all through the USA. Since we do a lot of custom work, we can take your ideas and make them reality. Check us out:

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